Parliamentary Institute

The Parliamentary Institute (hereinafter referred to as PI) resolves the tasks of scientific, informative and educational nature for the Chamber of Deputies: Deputies, Committees and other authorities, Office of the Chamber, Senate and its office, senators and Senate authorities.
In order to provide best possible services, the PI has been divided into three departments, each dealing with particular agenda. The Department of General Analysis deals predominantly with Deputy and Senator requests and provides general analyses and also analyses in the field of foreign relations.  The Department of EU Affairs serves mostly as an expert base for the Committee for European Affairs of the Chamber of Deputies. The department elaborates and holds the database of incoming EU documents and those that have some relation to EU. The Department of Communication and Education provides services for public and operates Information Center of the Chamber of Deputies. Departments within the PI closely cooperate with each other and they together organize seminars either for MPs or for public. Members of all departments participate commonly on major projects and analyses.

Additionally PI serves as an educational and training center for the Chamber of Deputies and its Office employees by organizing seminars and study visits. The PI provides services of the same extent also to Senate and office of the Senate.

Seminars and study visits are usually undertaken either from an initiative of the PI itself or alternatively on request of the relevant body.  In this regard it stands for any office or authority within the Parliament or at least a group of four deputies or senators. Most of seminars however are being prepared upon a request of Parliament committees.

Seminars and study visits are being organized in two major sections. First one, called as general one, deals with issues of parliamentary system, parliament operations, MPs status issues and procedural rules of lawmaking.

Second section is focused on European Union. PI organizes seminars in general topics of European integration – history, institutions, legislative process and even specialized themes of EU law and jurisprudence/case law of European Court of Justice, acceptance of professional qualifications, social security of migrants etc. Special theme of seminars regarding the EU affairs is represented by the seminar on future development of EU integration.

Seminars and study visits are usually organized by PI staff. In case of interest in subject matter that is not being covered by staff member, PI is able to invite an external consultant in relevant field.  The extent and duration of seminars and study visits are being consulted with submitter and it does reflect his duration possibilities. Obviously the main aim is to provide best possible time effectiveness. For the purposes of seminars PowerPoint presentations are used and of course PI assures materials and additional supplementary documents, if required.
Since 2006 PI has been organizing out of its own initiative and along with other sections of the Office of the Chamber of Deputies seminars for newly elected MPs who do not have previous experience with the parliamentary work.


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