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The Chamber of Deputies is open to all citizens of the Czech Republic as well as foreign visitors.

Press Centre

Information for journalists with an official accreditation in the Chamber of Deputies.

Information Centre

The Information Centre provides the public with information on current events in the Chamber of Deputies as well as on the functions and bodies of the lower house of the Parliament. We pay special attention to schools and other educational institutions. We particularly focus on topics relating to parliamentarism, legislative process, parliamentary control of government and parliamentary history.

Parliamentary Library

The Parliamentary library serves Members of Parliament and Senators, bodies of the Chamber of Deputies and Senate, employees of the Office of the Chamber of Deputies and Senate and selected institutions and users.


The Parliament, or its chambers, accepts petitions from citizens just like the other state bodies. On the basis of the Act on the Right to Petition, the Chamber of Deputies is obliged to accept petitions addressed to it or to send it to the appropriate body. Petitions are delivered to the Committee on Petitions, which prepares a report on the petitions received, their content and the method of settlement twice a year.

Register of municipal symbols

REKOS system performs central register of granting coats-of-arms and flags to municipialities and regions in Czech republic.

Register of Disclosures by Deputies

According to the Act on Conflict of Interest (No. 159/2006 Coll.), an MP must execute his post so as to prevent a conflict between his personal interests and the interests which he is obliged to advocate or defend by the title of his function.

Annual financial reports of political parties

According to the Act of Law 424/1991 Coll. on association in political parties and political movements all political parties and movements are obligated to present their annual financial reports to the Chamber of Deputies by 1 April of each year.
All reports from 1995 are accessible for all citizens in a paper form in the Parliamentary library.

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