TV, audio

The main goal of the Audiovisual Section of the Press Department is to provide for the audio aspects of footage from plenary sessions, meetings of Chamber of Deputies committees and commissions and other events, including press conferences.

It monitors and archives main news and current-affairs television programmes. Upon request, it records selected radio programmes.

It also cooperates with interpreting and translation companies to organize seminars in the Chamber of Deputies.

In addition, it is responsible for the closed-circuit television system, its streaming, including signal transmission to the press atrium and other institutions, such as the seat of the President of the Republic, the Office of the Government of the Czech Republic and other central institutions.



  • Sounding systems: Ji°í Šádek, phone: 257 174 222-223, email:
  • Cinema: Vladimír Vachala, phone: 257 174 221, 224, email:
  • Technical support in the press atrium: Karel Matuška, phone: 257 174 228-9, email:
  • Video recordings of plenary sessions: phone: 257 174 221, 224
  • TV programme monitoring: phone: 257 174 221, 224

Video recordings of meetings of the Chamber of Deputies - any footage from the plenary sessions is available upon request in electronic format

Request for connection to the TV signal from the parliamentary camera system- see Contacts

Audio archive - stenographic protocols from meetings of the Chamber of Deputies contain individual audio sections in MP3. For details, see Contacts

Press conferences - in preparation

Video archive - in preparation

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